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The cutting-edge Lonix System offers you the perfect tool for sustainable development and Green Buildings. Scalability of the system allows for efficient solutions for all kinds of buildings.

Business Premises


The solution combines the most advanced, open technologies in the fields of automation and security into a complete solution for intelligent buildings. The solution guarantees an efficient yet economical environment for your business.

> Case Study: Integrated Security Systems at University Campus
> Technical Specification - Integrated BMS [pdf]



Lonix solution is targeted for high-class hotels to offer excellent guest comfort in combination with reduced energy consumption. Seamless integration allows for automatic adjustment and easy monitoring of all systems. The ecological impact is significant - the perfect solution for a healthier planet.

> Case Study: IBMS in Luxurious Holiday Resort
> Lonix Hotel Solution [pdf]

Remote monitoring & control

Remote control

The Integrated Remote monitoring & control solution is designed specifically for control needs of networked remote sites, such as base stations of mobile networks or monitoring nodes of fibre networks. Thousands of remote sites can easily be connected to one central user interface.

> Solution in brief [pdf]

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